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Find the perfect hotel on and book your room online at the best price! Hotelbooking search engine compares hundreds of hotels with the best deals to give you the cheapest rate.

Whatever the reason for your trip, whether it's for work, pleasure, family weekend or romantic getaway, on you will find the best solution to suit your needs.

Over 2,000,000 hotels around the world

Start searching over 2,000,000 hotels around the world: just enter your destination or property name in the search box, enter the date of your departure and arrival together with the type of room you want.

Wide choice of accommodation

Whether you want to book a room in an exclusive beach resort in Varadero or Havana, a hotel in major European art cities such as Paris, Berlin, London, a B&B in Amsterdam, an apartment in Copenhagen or a hostel in Frankfurt, can offer you a wide choice of accommodation at different prices and category.

Also for businessmen

If you often travel for work to attend business meetings or take part in a trade show, is the perfect website to find rooms that are tailor-made for both businessmen and women, offering good rates even during trade shows, when prices usually increase considerably.

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